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ui bundle



User Interface sounds, and plenty of them.

Over 2,900 files  -  11GB of samples  -  2 libraries - 1 software


Perfect for menu sounds, calculations, data crunching, computer loops, musical highlights, holograms, beeps, confirms, buttons, alarms, text, game audio design, motion graphics.   

  • Modular UI - Over 1,000 sounds from Richard Devine's insane analog and digital modular euro rack.
  • Users of Tomorrow -  1,900 custom designed ui sounds by former Electronic Art's sound designers. 
  • Galactic Assistant - A synthesizer for creating your own user interface sounds. (Reaktor 5 or 6, Max4Live, or Standalone). 

With a savings of over $68 (reg. price $217) you save big purchasing the "UI Bundle" versus purchasing the individual products!

If you already own some products from this bundle, login to your account, go to the "Upgrades" tab, where you'll find the UI Bundle at a discounted price.


ui bundle includes: users of tomorrow + galactic assistant + modular ui

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