sci-fi bundle

A massive collection from the future. Everything you need to get started in the world of Sci-Fi sound.


Sound...that's beyond this world. 


Over 5,000 files  - 30GB of samples  -  7 libraries  -  2 software


Add a massive collection of some of the most cutting edge sci-fi sounds and software to your collection.

We spent over 5 years creating the "Sci-Fi Bundle" with former senior sound designers from Electronic Arts and Ubisoft. Extreme attention to detail and quality was our highest priority.

With a savings of over $432 (reg. price $931)  you'll save big with the "Sci-Fi Bundle" versus purchasing the individual products!

If you already own some products from this bundle, sign in to your account, go to the "Upgrades" tab, where you'll find the Sci-fi Bundle at a discounted price.



sci-fi bundle includes: robotic lifeforms + users of tomorrow + galactic assistant + solar sky + future weapons + timeflux + lost transmissions + future weapons 2 + spaces

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