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Essential Robotic Sounds.

Robotic Lifeforms-Lite
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2 GB
800+ files
24 bit / 96 kHz

Robotic Lifeforms-Lite

Transforms, morphs & servos! Essentials from Robotic Lifeforms at a more economic price!

Robotic Lifeforms - Lite is for the sound designer or musician looking for great value and all of the essentials from our larger Robotic Lifeforms soundpackStill weighing in at a hefty 2Gb and over 800 files, the Lite Edition is perfect for all your productions involving robotic sounds, without breaking the bank!
Designed by former Electronic Arts and BioWare award-winning sound designers - and huge sci-fi fans- Robotic Lifeforms - Lite offers more than you would expect from a robot sound effects library, and spans a wide range of robot sounds, from small bots to massive automatons.
Robotic Lifeforms - Lite features more than 800 24bit/96khz .WAV files, all meticulously embedded with Soundminer & Basehead metadata, including:
  • 475+ designed sound effects
  • 325+ source recordings
  • 60+ transforming sound layers
  • 100+ morphing and mechanism layers
  • 200+ servos, drills, metal, & industrial layers
Download full - Robotic Lifeforms Lite - Spreadsheet

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