"Without a doubt, using Bloody Nightmare will ensure that your productions sound modern, slick, and cinematic" - Sound on Sound

Bloody Nightmare
4.4 GB
500+ files
24 bit / 96 kHz

Bloody Nightmare

Scarier Than Your Regular BOO!
Bloody Nightmare is a modern horror cinematic library aimed at the most cutting edge & bone chilling productions out there. Featuring such sound categories as stutters, choppers, glitches, impacts, nightmare pulses, stingers & psychosis. A horrifying box of sonic tools for any sound designer, musical composer, or trailer editor, Bloody Nightmare is a valuable new wave of horror sounds that will surely cause visceral moments of terror and dread. 
What The Pros Say:
" Without a doubt, using Bloddy Nightmare will ensure that your productions sound modern, slick, and cinematic...[this library] should be looked at as a workhourse product by a sound company that knows it's market inside and out. "
- Sound on Sound magazine

What's Inside





290+ Sounds

1.7 GB

24bit / 96kHz .wav

Meticulous Soundminer & Basehead Metadata







Featured Categories:






- Stutters, Choppers, Cuts, Glitches

- Horror Impacts

- Nightmare Pulses

- Breaths and Whispers

- Stingers

- Curses

- Psychological Textures

- Atmospheres

- Risers

- Dirty Dark Hits

- Dark Bass, Kicks, and Tones





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