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DUST creates a sonic soundscape never thought possible before. When you start creating with it, you'll see just what it means to lose joyful hours exploring it's capabilities. DUST is a synthesizer plugin based on a real-time particle simulation, where each particle is a separate granulating sound source. The motion of each particle is determined by the flow field, which determines the force applied to each particle at each point. Just like how the flow of a river determines the path of a leaf floating down in it. This is our most ambitious software release to date, and you are going to love it! Not only is DUST addictive to play with, but it generates some of the coolest sounds ever created. 










What the Pros Say:

"DUST opens up a world of new sonic possibilities, granulating
 them beautifully like never before. Amazing!" 
- Richard Devine (Apple - Senior Content Producer, Pro Musician)

"DUST comes with a huge sample library that can be massaged in almost infinite ways using the granular parameters, you're never going to get typecast using DUST, and while it works brilliantly for creating sci-fi or horror film soundbeds, it also produces some lovely textures that can be sprinkled into compositions or mixed with existing synth sounds to give them a sort of Wavestation complexity. In addition it is a sound designer's dream and can work magic on external sound sources."

- Sound on Sound (December 2020 issue) 








What's Inside





Version 1.1.8 Features:



- Presets by Richard Divine, Ivo Ivanov, Robert Clouth, Yan David

- 8 particle emitters

- convolution reverb

- Binaural Audio Panning

- Save and recall presets

- Custom Flow Field equations

- over 60 sounds included

- import your own sounds

- 4 modulation options on parameters

- FX Version now included!

- Available in VST, VST3, AAX and Audio Unit format

- Compatible with Mac and PC (32 bit and 64 bit)

- Compatible with most major Daws




System Requirements:

An Intel® Mac with Mac OS X 10.11 (or later), OR a PC with Windows 7 (or later); Multicore processor; 8 GB RAM; 1920×1080 display.

Daw sample rate lower than 96khz is recommended for stability.






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