A Complete Magic Sound Collection.

5.0 (757)
  • 24bit / 96kHz .wav
  • 650+ files
  • 3.2GB
  • Soundminer & Basehead Metadata

Cast A Spell To Remember.

Magic sound design can be one of the most rewarding and most challenging of all genres to create in. To help you out, we decided to make Elemental, a complete magic sound collection that you can rely on to cast only the most memorable and astonishing spells of sound. We here at SoundMorph are huge fans of the magic genre. Therefore we approached this library with the intention of doing it justice as a personal lifelong passion and goal. We are so pleased to pass along to you this sound library of first-class premium sounds to choose from. With Elemental, the world of magic is your oyster.



What The Pros Say:

"Overall, Elemental is stuffed to the brim with a wide array of strong material, including a generous amount of variations for each sound to ensure that you will never be caught short. SoundMorph have developed an incredibly unique aesthetic with all of their libraries and Elemental is no different. The SoundMorph team have strived to meet your expectations with their design choices, whillst still including their iconic flair. Elemental is priced at more than a fair price for not only the amount of content included, but the sheer quality of that content alone." 

- Katie Tarrant (Sound Architect)

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Featured Categories:

- Acid Cast
- Earth 
- Electricity
- Evil Breath
- Evil Casts
- Fire
- Fireballs
- Good Casts
- Ice
- Incineration Cast
- Neutral Cast
- Poison
- Sand Cast
- Spirit Evil
- Spirit Good
- Spirit Neutral
- Water Cast
- Wind Cast
- Raw Recordings
- Sweetner Layers
- Loops
- Impacts and Throws

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