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Round out your trilogy collection with the most modern Future Weapons library yet.

Future Weapons 3
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1.2 GB
750+ files
24bit / 96khz

Future Weapons 3

The Future Weapons series is back with our newest and most cutting edge library yet: Future Weapons 3. We made this one huge, both in size and scope. In fact, since we are concluding the Future Weapons series, we wanted to do it with a bang, so we made this one the biggest of the 3! It has over 29 weapons and categories! Future weapons 3 was created by SoundMorph in collaboration with Nikolay Semenov and Vedran Kapetinic. 


What's Inside


Future Weapons 3 is massive. Just look at the list below or download the PDF excel sheet to get an idea of all that you get. Future Weapons 3 features more than 750+ files, 1.2 GB of 24bit/96khz .WAV files, all meticulously embedded with Soundminer and Basehead metadata.  


Future Weapons 3 includes the follwoing weapons and categories:

- Acid Hand Gun

- Anti-Tank Rifle 

- Assault Riffle

- Assault Riffle Collection

- Big Acid Gun

- Big Plasma Gun

- Bio Weapons

- Blaster

-Blaster 2

- Crossbow

- Grenade Launcher

- Grenade Launcher 2

- Laser Canon

- Laser Hand Gun

- Laser Submachine Gun

- Loading FX

- Machine Guns

- Plasma Hand Gun

- Rocket Launchers 

- Scanners and Shields

- Shotgun

- Sniper Rifle

- Sniper Rifle 2

- Source Sound Accessories

- Submachine Gun

- Submachine Gun 2

- Venom Spitter

Download full Future Weapons 3 Spreadsheet

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