universe bundle

All Current SoundMorph Products + All Future Releases For A Year!



As the SoundMorph Universe expands, so does your collection.


With the Universe Bundle you'll receive all current SoundMorph products plus all new releases for an entire 365 days. SoundMorph Universe members have instant access to the most cutting-edge sound libraries and software the moment they come out. With a savings of over $2,322 (reg. price $4,321), you save big when purchasing the Universe Bundle versus individual product purchases.

If you already own some products from this bundlesign in to your account, go to the "Upgrades" tab, where you'll find the Universe Bundle at a discounted price.

" SoundMorph's Libraries are very well done. They are not only a lot of fun to listen through, but fun to use as well.
The Software tools are much more than libraries -- they're library MAKERS. Keep 'em coming! "
          - David Farmer, Supervising Sound Editor
             Skywalker Sound, The Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trilogies, King Kong

29,925 files  -  133GB of samples  -  34 libraries  -  6 software 

universe bundle includes: robotic lifeforms + users of tomorrow + road riders + galactic assistant + solar sky + wave warper + doom drones + future weapons + robotic lifeforms - lite + intervention + timeflux + sinematic + bloody nightmare + modular ui + matter mayhem + sinematic - neon + transient foundations + lost transmissions + evil twin + dr01d + tension + rupture + new city + future weapons 2 + spaces + cadence weapon drum collection + energy + mechanism + dust + portals + steampunk weapons + elemental + future weapons 3 + monster within + gore + robotic lifeforms 2 + sinematic 2 + motion graphics + doom drones 2 + fire

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