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Who we work with

Why They Like Us

“SoundMorph’s Dust and TimeFlux are essential tools in my sound design arsenal. These guys are making sound sculpting tools like no one else. Love SoundMorph’s stuff!"




Composer -


Peter Gabriel, Depeche Mode, NSYNC, Tori Amos, Madonna

- BT

“SoundMorph’s libraries are very well done and inventive. They are not only a lot of fun to listen through, but fun to use as well. The software tools are much more than libraries — they're library MAKERS. Keep 'em coming!"




Supervising Sound Editor -


Skywalker Sound, The Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trilogies, King Kong

- David Farmer

“SoundMorph libraries, such as Sinematic, Future Weapons and Users of Tomorrow, have become some of my go-to source effects for much of my work on trailers and animation. You simply can't go wrong with SoundMorph.”




Trailer Sound Effects Editor –


Transformers 4, Oblivion, Zero Dark Thirty, Star Trek: Into Darkness


- Russell Gorsky

“SoundMorph's effects libraries have quickly become an invaluable resource for me. They maintain a high level of quality, and more importantly, creativity. I am always pumped to see an email from SoundMorph announcing a new release, because you know it's something that will be awesome.”


Sound Effects Editor –


The Amazing Spiderman 2, The Hunger Games, Fury


- Lee Gilmore

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