warfare bundle



Add some serious fire power to your arsenal.



Over 6,000 files - 19GB of samples - 7 libraries



When you use what the pros use, you only get the best fire power. With the SoundMorph Warfare Bundle

you get our best gunshots, explosions, debris, and difficult to design things like futuristic weapons and spaceships.

This is no small collection either at over 6,000 files.

It's always nice to know you have a big war chest to dive into whenever you need it.

So add some real heavy duty tools to your sound collection with our Warfare Bundle.


  • Matter Mayhem - Destruction, Debris, Massive Explosions, Multiple materials and perspectives.
  • Intervention - Real SWAT weapons, 26 different weapons and foley recorded by Hollywood pro Charles Maynes.
  • Future Weapons - One of the most advanced weapon sound effects libraries ever created.
  • Future Weapons 2 - All new weapons and recordings, with a focus on specialized weapons.
  • Future Weapons 3 - The biggest and most futuristic of the trilogy. 29 weapon classes. A classic.
  • Solar Sky - State-of-the-art sci-fi spaceship sounds.
  • Rupture - Game and filim ready destruction soundpack.


You save over $494 (reg. price $893) purchasing the "Warefare Bundle" over purchasing the individual products!

If you already own some products from this bundle, login to your account - go to the "Upgrades" tab, where you'll find the Warefare Bundle at a discounted price.




warfare bundle includes: solar sky + future weapons + intervention + matter mayhem + rupture + future weapons 2 + future weapons 3

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