Robotic Lifeforms

Robotic Lifeforms

Premium Robotic Sound Library.

5.0 (530)
  • 24bit / 96kHz .wav
  • 2,700+ files
  • 6.6 GB
  • Soundminer & Basehead Metadata
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A Flagship Robotic Collection.

How it's made
Welcome to one of our premium releases and flagship products: Robotic Lifeforms. From small bots to massive automatons, including transforms, morphs, & servos. Robotic Lifeforms was recorded and designed oever the time span of one full year by former Electronic Arts and BioWare award-winning sound designers - and huge sci-fi fans. Robotic Lifeforms offers more than you would expect from a robot sound effects library weighing in at over 2,700 files and utilizing the highest quality microphones, field recorders, and source material.

What The Pros Say:

" This library is the megatron of robotic sound libraries. This pack caters to all of your robot needs, from massive Transformer like movements, to minuscule robotic twitches. Great care has been taken to creating sounds that fit the robot genre exceptionally well. These sounds are part and parcel of the sound worlds, and I found them incredibly inspiring to use. Highly recommended! "

- Andy Dollerson | Audio News Room

Robotic Lifeforms
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Featured Categories:

- Designed Files
- Source Files
- Transforms
- Morphs
- Mechanisms
- Servos
- Whooshes
- Power
- Footsteps
- Impacts
- Computer
- Electricity
- Textures
- Vocalizing
- Drills
- Camera Servos
- Metal Layers

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