Doom Drones

Doom Drones

Ominous, Dark & Foreboding Soundscapes.

5.0 (629)
  • 24bit / 96kHz .wav
  • 120 files
  • 3 GB
  • Soundminer & Basehead Metadata

Dark Field Recordings & Designed Ambient Drones.

Enter Doom Drones, a collaboration between Jason Cushing of SoundMorph and German electronic musician Arovane. Each artist created 60 custom loops for a total of 120 loops. With SoundMorph focusing more on field recordings and subtle tonal design, and Arovane focusing more on dynamic synthetic textures. Doom Drones is a great addition for anyone wanting to enhance dark ominous moments.
Doom Drones contains 3 GB of eerie, doomful, dark, atmospheric field recordings, designed drones and backgrounds. Perfect for something in the realm of a David Lynch film, ambient music production, a horror film or just to set the mood of a foreboding soundscape. Arovane is the recording name of Uwe Zahn. Born in Germany in 1965 and active in music & sound design for the last 30 years, Arovane's sound can be characterized as ethereal, melodic, organic, and ambient. It is richly layered with synths and textured distortions and focuses more on generating a melancholy nostalgic feeling.

Doom Drones
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