Weapons Designed by the Best in Hollywood.

6.7 GB
1,700+ files
24bit / 96khz




Weapons Designed by the Best in Hollywood.




Intervention is the most complete and researched SWAT sound effects library ever made. Featuring 26 weapons recorded by Hollywood's premier weapons recordist, Charles Maynes and Matthew E. Taylor. We've compiled a collection of the most frequently used weapons by American SWAT units, offering you a complete sound set to work on modern films, television or games. We've even included the source recordings for you to design your own gunshots, and plenty of additional foley, utilities, boots, explosives, gun handling and gear body movements, making this the most developed SWAT soundpack library ever. Charles Maynes' film and game credits include such blockbusters as Spider-Man, Call of Duty and Resident Evil 5. Charles is regarded as one of the go-to people in Hollywood and games for weapon recordings. Intervention also contains gun foley recorded by another Hollywood sound pro, Matthew E. Taylor , who is known for such films as Blood Diamond, Mission Impossible, and Grindhouse.










What's Inside

26 Weapons
1,700+ Sounds
6.7 GB
24bit / 96kHz .wav
Meticulous Soundminer & Basehead Metadata
Featured Categories:
- 26 weapons commonly used by US SWAT teams
- 1911
- 1911 suppressed
- Benelli M4
- M&P9
- M&P9 Suppressed
- M4A1
- M4A1 Suppressed
- M16
- M16 Suppressed
- MK18Mod0
‚Äč- MK18Mod0 Suppressed
- MP5
- MP5 Suppressed
- REmington 700
- Remington 700 Suppressed
- Remington 870
- Saiga 12
- SIG 552
- SIG 552 Suppressed
- SIG P226
- SIG P226 Suppressed
- Burst Variations
- Shot variations for dry, open exterior, interior 
- Foley Reloads, Magazine Inserts, Cocking
- Body Gear Movements
- Night Vision Goggles, Batons, Battering Rams
- Large Explosives
- Explosive Sweeteners
- Designed Gun Handling 






Download full Intervention Spreadsheet


Launch Trailer


A taste of some of the included weapons

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