New School Meets Old.

New City
25 Kits
323+ files
24/96kHz .wav

New City


Golden Days
Of Old School Hip Hop




Blend the golden days of old school hip hop from the 80s and 90s with production techniques of new school and Trap beats, and you get our most recent Inner Circle drum library: NEW CITY. If you are a Hip Hop or electronic music producer, NEW CITY is boling over the rim with only the highest quality samples that you'll be glad to add to your secret bag of tricks.
The NEW CITY collection was created by electronic music artist Alex Retsis aka Qebo in collaboration with SoundMorph. Based out of Athens, Greece, Alex is signed to the Detroit Underground, Modular Expansion and Anthropos-Mekhane labels. Alex is an award winning professional sound designer who is also an endorsed artist by Korg.







What The Pros Say:




" Inner Circle - New City is lush! A lovely blend of hip-hop and electronics, which is rare these days... "

- Valance Drakes






Featured genres:
Hip Hop + 80s Hip Hop + 90s Hip Hop + Trap + New School + Electronic





What's Inside




- 25 kits 
- 323+ samples 
- 22 loops 
- 24-bit 96 kHz .wav files
- Pre-made templates for: 
- Battery 4, Ableton, Maschine, Kontakt









Download full New City Spreadsheet

Inner Circle - New City

Behind the Artist

New City preview in Polyplex

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