Weapons - where the past meets the future.

Steampunk Weapons
1.1 GB
650 files
24 bit / 96kHz

Steampunk Weapons




When Past Meets Future.
When you need material that is just unique and memorable, sometimes you look to the past and combine it with the future. Enter the perfect creative companion to round out your sound collection: Steampunk Weapons. We mixed the old with the new to make this uniquely diversified collection of weapon sound effects and design. Combining modern recording techniques with metal, rusted objects, and synthesis, Steampunk Weapons is the collection that breaks the mold of traditional weapons with extreme flair and quality.




What's Inside




40 Different Weapons

650 + sounds


24bit / 96kHz .wav

Meticulous Soundminer & Basehead Metadata








Featured Categories:




- Angry Daddy

- B Eva

- Back from the Past

- Big Fuckin Gun

- Bio Machine

- Bolt Gun

- Bucket Gun

- Bulb Presser Gun

- Cash Machine Gun

- Clack Gun

- Clicker Gun

- Destroyer

- Destructor

- Drivetrain Rifle

- Electro Gun

- Electrocutor Gun

- Eviscerator

- Firestorm Flamer

- Grenade Launcher and Shells

- Handgun Foley

- Impulse Gun

- Magnet Gun

- Metal Chunker Gun

- Metal Daddy

- Mine Machine

- Mini Bolt

- Pulse Gun

- Rail Gun

- Rebel Bio

- Rocket Launcher

- Rocket Launcher semi-auto

- Screamer

- Shotgun

- Shotgun NL

- Steam Gun

- Steamer

- Thorn

- Tube Gun

- Uber God Gun






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Steampunk Weapons

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