Round out your trilogy collection with the most modern Future Weapons library yet.

Future Weapons 3
1.2 GB
750+ files
24bit / 96khz

Future Weapons 3



Pew Pew Pew!

Third Times A Charm.



If you thought the first two releases in the Future Weapons series were good, then you are in luck. The Future Weapons series is back with our newest and most cutting edge library yet: Future Weapons 3. We made this one huge, both in size and scope. In fact, since we are concluding the Future Weapons series, we wanted to do it with a bang, so we made this one the biggest of the 3. It has over 29 weapons and categories. Scroll down to see what's included and blast yourself into the future. 







What The Pros Say:





" SoundMorph are a renowned name amongst the audio industry and deservedly so. This library is the final addition to the Future Weapons series and rounds up the trilogy with an impressive in-depth finale. This library proves to be one of the most versatile, bespoke and engaging compilations of weapons sounds that I've heard. " 

- Katie Tarrant | The Sound Architect









What's Inside





28 Different Weapons

750+ sounds


24bit / 96kHz .wav

Meticulous Soundminer & Basehead Metadata






Included Weapons & Categories:





- Acid Hand Gun

- Anti-Tank Rifle 

- Assault Riffle

- Assault Riffle Collection

- Big Acid Gun

- Big Plasma Gun

- Bio Weapons

- Blaster

- Blaster 2

- Crossbow

- Grenade Launcher

- Grenade Launcher 2

- Laser Canon

- Laser Hand Gun

- Laser Submachine Gun

- Loading FX

- Machine Guns

- Mines

- Neutron Cannon

- Plasma Hand Gun

- Rocket Launchers 

- Scanners and Shields

- Shotgun

- Sniper Rifle

- Sniper Rifle 2

- Source Sound Accessories

- Submachine Gun

- Submachine Gun 2

- Venom Spitter






Future weapons 3 was created by SoundMorph in collaboration with Nikolay Semenov and Vedran Kapetinic. 






Download full Future Weapons 3 Spreadsheet

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