Designed by AAA Game Sound Designer Michael Leaning.

2.92 GB
875+ files
24 Bit / 96 kHz


Blood! Guts! Gore Galore!
Why is it so enjoyable to add a little bit of blood splatter and guts into your sound life? Well, probably because it really brings a scene and moment alive. There is just something about designing a scene with the perfect stab, gush, or agony that really is satisfying. It's one of those sound categories that you can't have enough of in your collection. You know you can count on SoundMorph to bring you only the best of the best, and GORE doesn't let you down either. To ensure only the highest quality we made GORE in collaboration with professional game audio sound designer Michael Leaning (Lionhead Studios). GORE has been a counted on resource already for AAA game studios, film, and television sound work. We know you'll find the perfect stab you're looking for in this library.

What's Inside


A Workhorse Go To.

Gore is just plain & simple great high quality bloody impacts, splatters, and weapons. You can't go wrong with this sound library, and we suspect you will find it to be a workhorse go to for many years to come. Just look at the list below or download the PDF excel spreadsheet to get an idea of all that you get. It's a bloody lot! ;)







875 + sounds


24bit / 96kHz .wav

Meticulous Soundminer & Basehead Metadata









Featured Categories:



- 19 different weapon impacts, both dry and wet

- Blood

- Guts

- Drips

- Splatters

- Head Explosions

- Stabs

- Extras

- Source Recordings

- Designed Files







GORE was recorded and designed in collaboration with professional AAA video game sound designer Michael Leaning (Lionhead Studios).






Download full GORE Spreadsheet

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