NEW! Elevated FIRE sounds.

3.4 GB
675+ files
24 Bit - 96 Khz




Elevated and Designed.





Welcome to the first in our new Element Series: FIRE. The Element series will feature highly designed sounds as well as expertly recorded raw source recordings. With FIRE we spared no expense to experiment with tons of different props and sources. From a double ended fire staff all the way to a "plasma gun" fire tube. Can you ever have enough FIRE? We don't think so. 

Pushing the Limits of FIRE.
Why make another fire library? Because here at SoundMorph we always want to push the limits and quality of anything we could concieve before. Elements like FIRE present a big challenge to make modern, fresh, new and exciting. This is what we aimed for with this colleciton. FIRE gives you everything from classic fire recordings to highly designed sounds. We didn't just record fire, but we designed and maniuplated it too!

What's Inside




675 + Files


24 Bit / 96kHz .wav

Meticulous Soundminer & Basehead Metadata 

Featured Categories:
- Designed Sounds
- Magic Spells
- Blasts
- Burning
- Fire Ball
- Fire Staff
- Ignition
- Matches
- Plasma Gun
- Textures
- Torches
- Whooshes


FIRE is a collaboration between SoundMorph, Jason Cushing, Tibo Csuko & Boris Karekine. FIre contains more than 3.4GB / 675+ files.




Download full FIRE - Soundminer Spreadsheet

Launch Trailer




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