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Q1. I purchased a product, but didn't receive my User Account information

First, please check your Junk / Spam folder. Your inbox filter may have sorted our automated emails as Spam.

For many possible reasons, sometimes Paypal does not send all the necessary data to our database.
When this happens, we have to manually check your order and enter your information into our database. You should get your User Account information email within 12 hours following your purchase. if you do not, please contact us at info@soundmorph.com

Q2. My new product doesn't show up in 'My Products'

Try to log out and sign in again to your User Account.
It should refresh your products list. If you are still having problems please contact us at info@soundmorph.com

Q3. Do you ship physical SoundMorph products?
All SoundMorph products are downloadable products only. Once your transaction is complete, you will receive your User Account login information. You can then instantly download your new purchase from your User Account. We do not currently ship any physical products.
Q4. Is the background music included in the soundpacks?
Background music is for previews only and are not included in the soundpacks.
Q5. If I buy SoundMorph software, can I install it on two computers?

Yes, as long as you are the only user, you can install SoundMorph software on all your personal computers, there is no restriction for a personal single license. If more than one user need access to the software, such as in a work enviorment or company, you will be required by law to purchase a multi-user license. 

Q6. Are the downloadable free samples on your site free for commercial use?


Yes, the free sounds can be used in commercial use.Of course, if you can mention somewhere in your credits that you have used SoundMorph sounds, we would be more than happy to have officially contributed to the audio quality of your production. However, you can not re-sell these sounds in any circumstnace without our written permission or agreement first.


Q7. How can I get more information about your soundpacks?

From our Home page or the products page, if you press the 'Learn More' button next to any library it gives you a detailed description of each library, a soundcloud preview to hear some sounds from each library, and there is also a Soundminer excel sheet to download on each page to show you exactly the files that are included in each library. There are often also videos and tutorials to watch for certain products.

You can also go to the 'free sounds' page from our home page to download over 1GB in free sounds to get an idea of the quality of our soundpacks.

Q8. Does SoundMorph offer Sound Design services for hire?

Yes we do. If you have a production or project that requires custom sound design we offer audio and sound design services for trailers, film, television, media, and games. We run two professionally equipped sound studios and have a talented, professional, and friendly team that would be happy to discuss the details of your production. For inquiries please write to us at: info@soundmorph.com


Q9. Can I purchase even if I don't have a Paypal account?

Yes, absolutely.
Paypal allows you to use almost any credit card to process your transaction, even if you don't have a Paypal account. On the paypal checkout page you can simply click on the second option to check out with a credit card.

Also, you can shoot us an email at info@soundmorph.com telling us what products you would like to purchase if you encounter any problems.

Products download

Q10. The Zip or Rar file is corrupt or not extracting. What do I do?
Mac users  We recommend using Unrarx for unarchiving of zip and rar files. you can download it here: https://unrarx.en.softonic.com/ 
PC users
We recommend using 7zip for unarchiving of zip and rar files, it is installed on most windows OS and can also be downloaded here: http://www.7-zip.org/download.html
It is also possible that your download did not fully complete, if that is the case please try to download it again or contact us for support at info@soundmorph.com

Products licensing

Q11. I would like a multi-user license, how much is it?

We offer a few different options and packages to companies or groups looking to purchase a multi-user license. Multi-user licenses are required for any companies or groups that have more than one user with access and use of SoundMorph soundpacks or software.

Our discounts are as follows
1st license is full price.
2-5 users = 10% off
6-10 users = 15% off
11-19 users = 20% off
20+ users = 30% off
For more information, please write to us at info@soundmorph.com, and we'll be happy to answer any specific questions you might have, and help to accommodate you and your team.


Q12. Why Dust does not have any presets and sounds after i installed it? (Mac Only)

There was probably a permission issue during installation.


On install, the presets+samples gets installed in /Library/Application Support

And then gets copied to your user documents folder /Users/username/Music/Music Audio Apps/


For some weird reason, on some mac the folder gets copied in two parts:

Inside the Music Audio Apps folder, into 2 folders, Dust and SoundMorph.

The Dust folder should be inside the SoundMorph folder.

You can copy it there (replace the empty Dust folder if there is one).

Q13. How can i send the output audio to my Daw?

You can use JackAudio.
1. Install Jack Audio : http://www.jackaudio.org/download.
2. Open both the software and your Daw.
3. Set JackRouter as the audio driver for both.
4. Open “Jack PortAudio” and then “Jack Control”.
5. In the “Jack Control” panel, press the “connections” button.
6. Connect the sofware's out1 and out2 to the Daw's in1 and in2 respectively.
7. Create a new stereo Audio Track with “Stereo In” inputs .

Q14. In TimeFlux, dragging new audio files does not work, and i can't save recordings.

It seems  you don't have read/write permissions of the Install Folder of TimeFlux.
Try changing the permissions of the install folder.

If you have issues doing so on Mac OSX, you can reset the permissions of TimeFlux using this app:

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