Designed by Sweet Justice Sound, Richard Devine & SoundMorph

2.8 GB
700 + files
24 bit / 96 kHz




Mechanism. Crank It Up.




Mechanism is a collection of Steampunk inspired gears, conptraptions, metal, servos, and of course mechanisms. When working as a sound designer these are the types of sounds you just can never have enough of. Perfect for adding to weapons, doors, devices, robots or sci-fi, Mechanism has been a go to resource for many AAA games and Hollywood film studios. Crafted by a team of highly skilled sound designers like Richard Devine and Sweet Justice Sound, we spared no expense creating the Mechanism library. Containg half designed files and half source recordings, Mechanism gives you a little bit of everything mechanical.






What's Inside





700 + sounds


24bit / 96kHz .wav

Meticulous Soundminer & Basehead Metadata






Featured Categories:



- Mechanical Gears.

- Designed contraptions.

- Steampunk rusty doors and levers.

- Source Recordings by Richard Devine.

- Bonus material - 400 "Best Of" sounds from our Robotic Lifeforms sound library.







Mechanism was created by SoundMorph in collaboration with Richard Devine & Sweet Justice Sound.





Download full Mechanism.xls

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