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The Largest Robot Library. Ever.

Robotic Lifeforms 2
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12.5 GB
4,100+ files
96 kHz 24 Bit

Robotic Lifeforms 2

4,100+ robot sound effects

It’s been 5 years since the release of our Robotic Lifeforms 1 library, and we just felt we could do more! So we teamed up with an epic team of Sound Designers to create an ultimate follow up to it all with Robotic Lifeforms 2! This is no joke, a library of love and over 4,100 files and 12.5GB! Using some of the most advanced microphones, Kyma, and synths, we really went all out to bring what we think is the most advanced and modern Robot library ever created. Not only do you get over 2,700 designed sounds, but you also get over 1,300 source audio files recorded in 192 kHz 24Bit with the Sanken CO-100K mic, so you can pitch the sounds to infinity to create some stellar new sounds of your own. In our opinion, this is THE robot library to have in your tool box. We aren’t just saying that because we made it, we are saying it because we believe it to be a fact. You just can’t be disappointed with this release. The value is infinite for your projects. Take Robotic Lifeforms 2 for a ride, and you will be happy to own the most advanced robot library ever made so far!



What's Inside


Robotic Lifeforms 2 was created by and in collaboration with Thibault Csukonyi and Boris Haladjian (Bend Audio Design). Additional sound design also by Jeff Dodson of (Rainfall Films) and Matthieu Debliqui (aka Subjex). The music used to create our soundcloud background music was licensed from Cinematic Series Vol 3: Alien Encounters which can be purchased at Robotic LIfeforms 2 features more than 4,100 24bit/96 kHz .wav files, all meticulously embedded with Soundminer & Basehead metadata, including:


  • 2,700+ designed sound effects
  • 1,300+ source audio files recorded in 192 kHz 24Bit with a Sanken CO-100K mic.
  • Transforms, Mechanisms, Movements
  • Power
  • Servos
  • Air Hydrolics
  • Energy
  • Footsteps 
  • Impacts
  • Computer
  • Devices
  • Attack Defense
  • Textures
  • Engines
  • Synth
  • Whooshes
  • Drills
  • Air Pneumatics
  • Motors
  • Bonus Recordings




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