Advanced Cinematic Sound:

Sinematic 2
11.5 GB
1,000+ files
96 kHz 24 Bit

Sinematic 2


Cinematic Sounds That Impress.



If you own our first Sinematic sound library, you know that you are in for a real treat with Sinematic 2. Used in countless AAA games and Hollywood trailers, our Sinematic series has become a go to for many working professionals in the sound industry. When you want to impress, Sinematic is a reliable go to for those visceral, hard hitting, technical, modern, and even subtle moments of cinematic goodness. We've gone all out to bring you the best of the best in designed and source files. Designed in collaboration with the same world class sound designers as Robotic Lifeforms 2 and Sinematic...we are really proud to give you even more awesome Sinematic goodness! This library was created over the last 2 years using extensive high end recording techniques, KYMA, and Euro Rack Modular setups. 






What The Pros Say:
"SoundMorph libraries, such as Sinematic, Future Weapons and Users of Tomorrow, have become some of my go-to source effects for much of my work on trailers and animation. You simply can't go wrong with Soundmorph." 
- Russell Gorksky - Trailer Sound Effects Editor (Transformers 4, Star Trek: Into Darkness)


What's Inside

Plenty of Designed Sounds.
Plenty of Source Recordings.
1,000 + sounds
24bit / 96kHz .wav
Meticulous Soundminer & Basehead Metadata
Featured Categories:
- 500 + designed sound effects
- 550 + source audio files
- Deep Impacts
- Synthesized Impacts
- Risers
- Stingers
- Lowend Hits
- Subtle and Iconic 
- Passbys
- Textures - noise, grit, glitch
- Booms
- Reversed FX
- High Pitched
- Motion Graphics
- Impulse Responses
Sinematic 2 was created by and in collaboration with Thibault Csukonyi and Boris Haladjian (Robotic Lifeforms 2) and Real Cardinal (BioWare, Sinematic, Microsoft). 
Download full Sinematic 2 Spreadsheet

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