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Designed with innovation in mind.

Each software application we provide pushes the limits of creating in it's own way:

  •     Wave Warper - for creating your own modern whooshes, passbys, and sample mayhem. 
  •     TimeFlux - for morphing, bending, and stretching time and samples. 
  •     Evil Twin - for cinematic sound and music design, granular effects, impacts, glitches, and bpm synced loops.
  •     Galactic Assistant - for creating endless user interface type sounds. The first ever UI synthesizer.  
  •     DR01D - Included for free! Retro robot voice simulator.

To learn more about each product, we encourage you to visit their individual pages, where you can watch tutorial videos, read more about them, and view the minimum system requirements. 

You save over $75 (reg. price $226) purchasing the Software Bundle versus purchasing the individual software products!

If you already own some products from this bundle, log in to your account, go to the "Upgrades" tab, where you'll find the Software Bundle at a discounted price. Email us at info@soundmorph.com if you need any support.


software bundle includes: galactic assistant + wave warper + timeflux + dr01d

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