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Electromagnetic and Radio recordings gone wrong.

Lost Transmissions
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4.3 GB
375 files
24 bit 96 khz

Lost Transmissions


Recorded and designed by Jason Cushing (co-founder of SoundMorph), Lost Transmissions is a collection of electromagnetic and radio recordings with an emphasis on communications gone wrong. Malfunctioning static, radio recordings, analog hums, designed passbys, & tonal/fluctuating noise. Lost Transmissions is another essential set of utilitarian libraries to add to your tool box. 

Not only that, as a bonus we've also teamed up with and included Echo Collective's kontakt radio instrument ''Squelch'' and accompanying sample library, giving you an additional 100+ real radio samples to work with and playable radio instrument. Watch the Squelch Video.


What's Inside

Lost Transmissions features 375+ sounds and 4.3GB of 24bit/96khz sfx files, all meticulously embedded with Soundminer & Basehead metadata, including:

  • - Malfunctions
  • - Static Passbys
  • - Tonal Passbys
  • - Tonal Noise
  • - Designed Noise
  • - Radio Noise
  • - Noise Loops
  • - Squelch Kontakt Radio Instrument
Download full - Lost Transmissions - Spreadsheet


Included Kontakt radio instrument


Lost Transmissions

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