Advanced Weapons Of The Future.

Future Weapons 2
1.25 GB
525+ files
24bit / 96khz

Future Weapons 2



Pew! Pew! The Future Is Back.



The most advanced series in weapons is back with the release of our Future Weapons 2 sound library. An all new collection of the most cutting edge weapon sounds made for the future. If you need some fresh sounding top of the line sci-fi weapons, than this is it! With professional cutting edge shots, explosions, foley, reloads and more, the Future Weapons series has been a staple in AAA games, film, and television work for the past several years. We spent half a year recording and designing Future Weapons 2, so that we can bring you the most premium and modern sounding weapons sets we could imagine and design. Chalked full of tons of top of the line content, Future Weapons 2 brings some major sound heat to your fire power.









What's Inside






20 Different Weapons
525+ sounds
24bit / 96kHz .wav
Meticulous Soundminer & Basehead Metadata
Included Weapons & Categories:
- Designed Sounds and Source Recordings
- Big Friggin Gun
- Bio Gun
- Blaster
- Bolt Gun
- Electro Gun
- Electro Rocket
- Engery Gun
- Explosions
- Future Hand Gun
- Gamma Ray
- Impulse Gun
- Kerosene Gun
- Machine Gun
- Mines
- Nine Inch Nail Cannon
- Plasma Gun
- Pump Gun
- Rifle Laser
- Ripper Fast Gun
- Impacts
- Weapons Foley
- Reloads 
- Specialized Weapons
- Ammunition Reloads
- Bass Layers
- Blaster Layers
- Laser Layers
- Power
- Transform Layers
- Weapons Foley
Created by SoundMorph in collaboration with the Russian sound design team from Principle Sound Design, and Victor Ermakov
Download full Future Weapons 2 - Soundminer

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